Peelable Paint


Automobile DIP is a revolutionary type of vehicle wrapping in which a liquid film, such as paint, is sprayed over the car in successive layers. In this multiple layer approach, individual layers of sprayed film combine to form a strong and resilient coating that covers the vehicle perfectly while allowing the "dip" to be removed like standard car wrapping foil.

Hydrographics spray films are available in all paint colours and effects such as metallic and pearl, as well as a matt or glossy finish, just like a real varnish. We use Glasurit original colours thanks to the inclusion of high-performance additives from modern paint production.

The possibilities are practically unlimited when combined with the matte or glossy surface finish. Spray Film offers each vehicle an individual touch and protects the automobile paint underneath from external influences such as stone-strokes, scratches, and weather. It can be applied to full vehicles, rims, or specific components.

Paint Protection Spray Film (PPSF)

Peelable paint in its clear form provides an invisible safety covering for your car's paint. The car's peelable coating works as a second skin, protecting it from damage such as stone shards that would otherwise harm it. As a result, you are preserving the value of your original paint as well as the value of your car by avoiding costly and low-quality re-paints.

The paint protection film can be peeled off and removed from the car without leaving any adhesive residue due to its residue-free

Matte and High-gloss finishes

The matte and glossy clear coats have been particularly engineered to give a strong surface seal and maximum resilience in everyday use. Hydrographics peelable paint is resistant to gasoline and diesel, as well as cleaning chemicals such as soaps and glass cleaner, thanks to the clearcoats Like original automotive paint, the glossy version of can be sanded and polished. As a result, micro-scratches and superficial damage can be easily removed with a polishing cloth - a trait of superior quality.

Maintenance Care

Hydrographics peelable paint and PPSF should be maintained and washed on a regular basis.

Despite the finesse with which the peelable paint adheres to the car, daily maintenance is as simple as with modern automotive paint. As a result, the peelable paint may be cleaned, maintained, and treated using a high-pressure cleaner or a fully automated washing system. A water and dirt-repellent nano-effect can be obtained by applying ceramic coating on peelable paint, as well as colour strengthening.